Welcome to this web-based research project. You will find 23 interviews that explore the state of architecture in the neoliberal age, additional information and related texts. It is possible to ‘just’ discover the interviews or to dive even deeper into the subject and choose one of the five main topics (upper left corner - ‘organize by topic’).

The web platform's content (interviews and texts) is ordered by two different systems. On the one hand, the interviews are arranged around five main topics that have repeatedly appeared during the discussions: 1. What is Architecture in the Neoliberal Age? / 2. How do Architects Work in the Neoliberal Age? / 3. Other Modes to Communicate - a Different Process? / 4. The Rise of the Alternative - New Roles? / 5. Is there Anti-Neoliberal Architecture?
Considering the most relevant moments of each conversation, the interviews are assigned to one or even several of the topics. A short description will automatically pop-up when a topic is chosen.

On the other hand, the interview partners are arranged in eight coloured clusters that refer to their main fields of practice - such as: Theory, Activist, Conscious Building, Community Architecture, etc. Find more information on the ‘Colour Cluster Info’ page (bottom left corner).

There is also a glossary with explanations and definitions of the most important terms in the ‘What and How’ section.

Next to every interview you will find additional information about the protagonists and ‘quick links’ to the most relevant moments of the conversations. You can also find such links in the related texts - if a specific passage of an interview is quoted, you can jump directly to the moment in the original interview and hear what else was said.

The texts on the web platform are designed as continuous work-in-progress documents. If new research results will appear and change the state of knowledge, the respective texts will be adapted too. The former versions of the texts will continue to be accessible.

Enjoy and discover!